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Having to go to them - 1445 N.Loop West...

about 18 times to do not ONE but TWO root canals.. and then waiting for them to do my crown??? Driving an HOUR in hard traffic to there.. sit an hour in waiting room, sit an hour in dental chair, drive home an hour..

for them to see you about 5 minutes of their time???? I walked OUT my last time and found myself a PPO dentist! Within 30 days I had a temporary crown AND then a permanent crown!! NO BS!!!!

The dr. there who was pulling off a temp crown the year before LOOSENED a GOOD crown...

now its fallen out and I have to have an IMPLANT!!!THEY BETTER foot this bill or get 2 feet up their azzzzzz

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Gms dental has the worst customer service ever the women in the front desk have the worst attitudes ever gms is not the same anymore

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